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What’s New!

The last update to the game has caused many players to lose all inventory or to be reset to level 1. As of February 2022, the developers are working on a fix.

How to Earn Free Diamonds now includes a list of top achievements that can earn you 30, 20, or 10 diamonds.

NEW! Want to know which crafts have a high shard value? See the new topic, Top Crafts for Shards.

The complete list of zoom zones now includes everything in Titan Town, through level 106.

Brand new! Now you can view a list of the best crafted items to gift for far less coins than they cost to craft! See Top Crafts to Gift for Less.

A popular topic, Craft Values is now updated to include all coin and shard values, gifting costs, and more — for crafts through level 106.

See the List of Craft Requirements, which now includes crafts through level 106, with coin/shard values and all items necessary to craft.

The complete list of hidden object scenes has been updated to include everything through level 106. It includes locations and all possible rewards. See Hidden Object Scenes List.

Look for the fun new menu item, Galleries! This is where you’ll find image galleries and the game storyline. See Animated Avatars Gallery now.

Figure out what achievement or private room holds pets or parts required in this new topic, Event and Achievement Pets. It maps out all the rooms and achievements where you can find these special pets.

Details for the new Spring 2021 pets are in. See Spring Herald and Cute Koala in action!

Destiny Keys & Exclusive Pets is a new topic that many players ask questions about. Also called blue side quests or blue key quests, you need to know about the hidden exclusive pets you can obtain with these keys!

Pet List & Details has been updated to include all pet animations and the two winter event pets, Holiday Caroler and Winter Companion. I’ve also added popups for summaries of all achievement pets, exclusive pets, and pets for each seasonal event.

Get Gold Chests from Pets – see what pets are most likely to get a rewarding gold chest!

Pet Chest Percentages – see at a glance the chances you have for obtaining different chests for every pet.

How to Earn Free Diamonds! If you haven’t heard about this yet, you need to read this!