Karen JC Moore

Hi there! I’m Karen JC Moore, a professional technical writer/editor, and an avid Midnight Castle game fan. I own and operate this website.

By exploring these pages, I hope you find fun facts, tips, learn strategies and all the many aspects of the game!

I’ve been playing Midnight Castle since March 2014, making notes, writing documentation, and creating graphics and videos. In 2015 I shared everything on a Facebook page and later converted it to a group that was discontinued Feb. 2022. Facebook groups are a great place to share tips, get answers, and exchange game friend codes!

Explore and enjoy this website and be sure to check out the graphics and videos! If you have any suggestions for additional content, feel free to contact me.

This site is fan-based and not affiliated with Big Fish Games or Elephant Games, the legal developers/owners of Midnight Castle. If you have technical difficulties or questions regarding game performance or installation, please contact Big Fish Games.