An avatar is a character that represents you, the player.  Similar to a profile picture, you can select from any that you have earned through achievements or castle challenges.

Achievement Castle Challenge

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Novice Avatar

Could become a hero or a villain.

Free at level 1.

Gentleman Avatar

Never judges a book by its cover.

Free at level 4.

Lady Avatar

Nothing hides from her.

Free at level 4.

Diaphanous Daphne


Diaphanous Daphne

You can see right through her.

Achieve Midnight Castle Ph.D. level 2: complete 300 quests.

Red Riding Hood


Red Riding Hood Avatar 

She’s no longer afraid of the wolf.

Achieve Animal Lover level 1: craft 2 pets.

Snow Queen


Snow Queen Avatar

Her stare could turn you to ice.

Achieve Blimp level 2: earn 12,000 coins sending airships.

Detective Bogart


Detective Bogart Avatar

He’s sly and full of style.

Achieve Blimp level 2: earn 12,000 coins sending airships.



Floraline Avatar

Her power comes from flowers.

Achieve Collector of Antiquities level 3: collect 7,000 items for the airship.

Queen Nefertiti


Queen Nefertiti Avatar

Her rule is absolute, her beauty unquestionable.

Achieve Breadwinner level 3: feed pets 1,500 bags of food,

Bella the Dancer


Bella the Dancer Avatar

Her shimmy is a danger to her enemies.

Achieve Steer Clear level 3: get 7,000 steering wheels for sending airships.

Frog Witch


Frog Witch Avatar

You should see what she did to the lizard.

Achieve Dragon Fighter level 3: win at dice from the Dragon 200 times.

Pirate Girl


Pirate Girl Avatar 

She gives those notorious bad guys a run for their booty.

Achieve Treasure Hunter level 3: get 100 gold chests from feeding pets.



Knight Avatar 

His shining armor may disguise a charming prince.

Achieve Knight Lord level 3: move knights at Castle Gates 30 days in a row.

Robin Hood


Robin Hood Avatar 

The rich never invite him to house parties.

Randomly offered when connected to Facebook. Craft your first pet and when asked, invite 10 Facebook friends to play.



Pirate Avatar 

He’s yours for a bottle of rum.

Achieve Superstar level 1: get 30 achievements.

Ice King


Ice King Avatar 

A cold-blooded lord of the wintry north.

Achieve Superstar level 2: get 50 achievements.

Christmas Elf


Christmas Elf Avatar 

Santa makes sure they deliver gifts on time!

Achieve Santa’s Helper level 3: find 1,000 Christmas decorations from winter event.

Santa Claus


Santa Claus Avatar

The best visitor at Christmas!

Achieve You’re a Card level 3: find 300 Christmas cards from winter event.



 Snowman Avatar

Warm hands, cold heart.

Achieve Christmas Tamer level 3: craft 5 Christmas pets from winter event.

Spring Fairy


Spring Fairy Avatar

Right from the fairy tales!

Achieve Spring has Arrived level 2: craft the Wreath of Spring 10 times.



Jester Avatar 

Distinguished by wit, gumption and basic grumpiness.

Achieve Jokers Wild level 3: feed Jack-in-the-Box pet 20 times.

Easter Bunny


 Easter Bunny Avatar

A tiny crowd-pleaser!

Achieve Spring Festival level 3: get 100 colored eggs from spring event.



Hero Avatar

We are the champions! At least he is anyway.

Achieve Tournament Topper level 1: reach Tournament Top 100, 1 time.



Heroine Avatar Achieve Tournament Topper level 2: reach Tournament Top 100, 3 times.


Anabel Avatar

She’s a beauty who really sinks her teeth into things.

Achieve A Star is Born level 3: win at dice against Anabel 100 times.

Iron Knight


Iron Knight Avatar

He’ll do anything for his beloved – his heart bleeds for her!

Achieve Dice Dueler level 3: win at dice against the Iron Knight 100 times.



Innkeeper Avatar

Join his little circle, and he’ll be a loyal friend.

Achieve Inn It to Win It level 3: win at dice against the Innkeeper 100 times.



Troll Avatar

Don’t let him troll you! He’s not who you think he is!

Achieve Tough as a Troll level 3: win at dice against the Troll 100 times.

Lord Chamberlain


Lord Chamberlain Avatar

He’s learned artifice. Be wary!

Achieve Your Turn, Sir level 3: win at dice against Chamberlain 100 times.



Werewolf Avatar 

Beware the full moon.

Achieve Master of Disguise level 3: acquire 50 avatars.

Dwarf Warrior


Dwarf Warrior Avatar  Achieve Five Stars level 3: complete 500 5-part daily quests.
Dwarf Priest


Dwarf Priest Avatar  Achieve You’re a 10 level 3: complete 500 10-part daily quests.


Witch Avatar

An expert in potions and black magic.

Achieve Halloween level 2: get 500 pumpkins from fall event.

All Hallows Jack


All Hallows Jack Avatar 

Don’t be fooled by the twinkle in his eye.

Achieve Halloween level 3: get 2,000 pumpkins from fall event.



Pilgrim Avatar

He’s thankful for the opportunity.

Achieve Thanksgiving Day level 3: get 350 cornucopia cards by sending gifts to friends during fall event.

Snow Pixie


Snow Pixie Avatar 

Beautiful snowflakes appear with a wave of her hand!

Achieve Snowfall level 3: get 500 snowflakes from winter event.

Mrs. Claus


Mrs. Claus Avatar 

Santa’s most experienced project manager.

Achieve Home Town Santa level 3: put 1,000 gifts at Christmas tree/Santa sack in your friends’ room during winter event.



Reindeer Avatar 

Santa’s faithful helpers always seem to have a cold.

Achieve Home Town Santa level 2: put 100 gifts at Christmas tree/Santa sack in your friends’ room during winter event.

Humpty Dumpty


Humpty Dumpty Avatar 

He’s definitely a risk-taker.

Achieve Spring Spirits level 3: get 10 spring event pets.



Gardener Avatar

It’s her busiest time of year!

Achieve Rising Appetite level 3: craft Spring Cake 30 times.

Egg Hunter


Egg Hunter Avatar 

Let’s collect the eggs, and get this over easy.

Achieve Spring Hunt level 3: complete Spring Terrace HOS (or other spring room HOS) during spring event 1000 times.



Vampiress Avatar

Her bite is worse than her bark.

Challenge: complete 10 tasks.



Vampire Avatar 

Death is only a nap for him.

Challenge: complete 20 tasks.



Centaur Avatar 

He’s used to hoofing it. See animated Centaur.

Challenge: complete 30 tasks.



Geisha Avatar 

She suits her job to a “tea”.

Challenge: complete 10 tasks.



Samurai Avatar 

He’s definitely the sharpest knife in the drawer!

Challenge: complete 20 tasks.



Mermaid Avatar 

She’s got quite a “tail” to tell! See animated Mermaid.

Challenge: complete 30 tasks.



Cowgirl Avatar

She’s sure to rope you in.

Challenge: complete 10 tasks.



Cowboy Avatar 

He “gits along” with everyone.

Challenge: complete 20 tasks.

*Count Incognito


Count Incognito Avatar

He’s a royal mystery. See animated Count Incognito.

Challenge: complete 30 tasks.

Fortune Teller