Craft Laboratory Icon

You can access the craft laboratory from the 2nd to the last icon on the right lower screen. When following instructions from a quest, you’ll frequently land in the lab. You must gather the required materials to craft an item — usually coins, HOS or ZZ items, and stamps.

Items Tab

The lab first opens to the Items Tab. When crafting for a quest, you can use the Find buttons to get any missing item. If you’re not crafting for a quest, the Find buttons may or may not get the item. Alternatively, you can tap the pink plus sign to pay for the item with diamonds.

If any circle contains a lock, you have not yet reached the level required to obtain the item. If you’re crafting for a quest and see a locked item, go back to Professor Pinfeathers. He will show you what quests you need to complete before you can craft it.  For example, if you have not yet opened a zoom zone for another quest, the craft may require an item from that zoom zone, so it shows up as an item that’s locked.

Craft Laboratory

Pets Tab

Paw Print Icon

The craft lab has a tab with a paw print that is not related to quests. This tab contains pets and foods you can craft; however, not all pets are available from the lab. You can obtain some pets as rewards from an event or achievement.

Laboratory Pet Tab
Craft Laboratory

Pet Tab

Crafting or earning pets is an optional but highly profitable task! When you ‘feed’ a pet, it rewards you with a chest of goodies. The chest contains quest items, diamonds, pet medallions, and/or significant amounts of coins. The most rewarding chests are the gold and the exclusive crystal blue chests. The exclusive pets & chest are unavailable until you reach level 69 or above.

One common requirement for crafting pets or food is pet medallions. You can earn them from doing the daily Gnome quest (last icon below Professor Pinfeathers). Medallions are also randomly given when you feed your pet.

If you don’t recognize a required item for crafting a pet, it might be available during an event only. You can either wait until the event occurs or put it on your wish list to receive from a friend.

Snow Griffin Pet

As of spring 2021, there are 91 different pets available! They include event pets, achievement pets, and 4 exclusive pets. Don’t settle for the free Snow Griffin pet you receive at level 7. In fact, save your food until you can obtain a more rewarding pet!

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Crafting for Profit

Most crafted items cost more to create than they are worth, so make sure you don’t sell any unless there’s a profit to be made. Be sure to check the Craft Item Values on what a craft is worth versus how much it costs to craft. 

Many players intentionally craft items, then sell them for a profit. There’s just one problem: the find buttons in the craft lab are not guaranteed to work unless you’re crafting the item for a quest. If you know which ones are profitable, you can watch for them when you’re doing quests. Some players will craft the item repeatedly and sell it for coins before moving on with the quest.

Try to remember the names of the most profitable crafts so you recognize them when they come up in a quest. Here are the top 6 with the coin profit you can make and the level required to craft them. The amount shown is how much it sells for, minus what it costs to craft:

  1. Key to All Secrets: 2,200; level 88
  2. Pendant of Island Ruler: 2,200; level 90
  3. Blessing Pendant: 2,040; level 12
  4. Seal of Prayer: 2,000; level 12
  5. Ancestor’s Spirit: 2,000; level 18
  6. Mechanical Heart: 1,780; level 12