I suggest you follow a routine of daily tasks to get the most out of the game. These activities will help you gain coins, diamonds, and other gifts, and often have related achievements. Whether you play several times a day, or only a few days a week, you should follow a routine and make it a habit.

Spin the Fortune Wheel

Located in the Castle Entry, the Fortune Wheel contains crafted, HOS and zoom zone items, pet eggs, diamonds, and stamps. You can spin it once every 24 hours, regardless of the game’s time clock. Your major source for pet eggs, the wheel will have at least one different egg available every day; sometimes two.

Caution: if you spin the wheel more than once, the cost is accumulative. If you spin the wheel 20 times, it will cost you 21,000 coins! After your 1st free spin, each additional spin costs:

  1. 100 coins
  2. 200 coins
    Total spent: 300 coins
  3. 300 coins
    Total spent: 600 coins
  4. 400 coins
    Total spent: 1,000 coins
  5. 500 coins
    Total spent: 1,500 coins
  6. 600 coins
    Total spent: 2,100 coins
  7. 700 coins
    Total spent: 2,800 coins
  8. 800 coins
    Total spent: 3,600 coins
  9. 900 coins
    Total spent: 4,500 coins
  10. 1,000 coins
    Total spent: 5,500 coins
  11. 1,100 coins
    Total spent: 6,600 coins
  12. 1,200 coins
    Total spent: 7,800 coins
  13. 1,300 coins
    Total spent: 9,100 coins
  14. 1,400 coins
    Total spent: 10,500 coins
  15. 1,500 coins
    Total spent: 12,000 coins
  16. 1,600 coins
    Total spent: 13,600 coins
  17. 1,700 coins
    Total spent: 15,300 coins
  18. 1,800 coins
    Total spent: 17,100 coins
  19. 1,900 coins
    Total spent: 19,000 coins
  20. 2,000 coins
    Total spent: 21,000 coins

Play the Lucky Diamond Pay Table

Located in the Key Master Shop, the Lucky Diamond Pay Table offers a chance at free diamonds, stamps, or pet food. You can play it once every 24 hours, regardless of the game’s time clock. 

Pack Crates & Send Airships

If you have enough supplies, you can send the airship every 4 hours. You’ll earn coins from packing crates and pet food and a stamp from sending the ship. You might want to coordinate this with gnome and/or Trina’s quests.

Collect Gifts from Golden Chests

Visit your private room and one of your friends’ to collect gifts from the golden chests. Gifts include pet food, shards, diamonds, coins, and stamps that you can collect every 3 hours. While you’re there, tap the butterflies for occasional gifts.

Collect Daily Bonus Gift

There’s nothing you need to do to receive this daily gift other than to open the game. It is rewarded at the start of the game clock, however, if you skip a day, you lose your bonus.

Play Puzzles

An underrated activity, puzzles offer you the chance to earn 5 free diamonds, a pet egg of your choice, and a stamp. You earn 50 coins per puzzle, whether you guess what’s in the boy’s hands or not. Each puzzle is refreshed and playable again after 5 hours.

Catch Morphing Flowers

Everywhere you go in the game, there are hidden morphing flowers that you can collect by tapping them. You earn 10 coins for every 3 you capture. During events, it changes to 20 coins.

Play Dice Game Table

Strictly optional, this dice game of chance can reward very nicely, but it can also cause you to lose coins. There are related achievements that can make it worth the gamble. I suggest coordinating this with gnome quests.

Watch Ads for Free Diamonds

The game often offers free diamonds by watching ads at the Bank. This feature is available on tablets only (iOS, Android, Kindle) and is not always offered. It’s currently available every 30 minutes. For more information, see Earn Free Diamonds!

Summary of Tasks

Modify this list according to your own schedule and capabilities. The times listed are the maximum you can obtain.

Every 24 Hours:

  • Spin the Fortune Wheel
  • Play the Lucky Diamond Pay Table
  • Collect Daily Bonus Gift

Every 12 Hours:

  • Play Dice Game Table

Every 3-5 Hours:

  • Collect Gifts from Golden Chests (3 hours)
  • Pack Crates & Send Airships (4 hours)
  • Play Puzzles (5 hours)

Whenever Possible:

  • Catch Morphing Flowers (2 minutes)
  • Watch Ads for Free Diamonds (1/2 hour)