When you reach level 69, Professor Pinfeathers requires you to open a unique zoom zone in the Dark Portal. The Ghostly Chest zoom zone contains hidden exclusive pets! If you’re not careful, you could miss the opportunity to obtain them.

Dark Portal Ghostly Chest zoom zone


Ghostly Chest Zoom Zone

Ghostly Chest zoom zone

Your tasks from Professor Pinfeathers will guide you to special quests to obtain the first reward from the chest:  a mid-term goal object.

After that, you’ll be able to get one pet at a time as long as you:

  • Do not continue with regular quests from Professor Pinfeathers.
  • Continue to meet the requirements to repeatedly open the Ghostly Chest.



Keys of Fate

Keys of Fate craft


Each time you open the Ghostly Chest zoom zone, you must craft the Keys of Fate.

This craft requires 50 Destiny Keys.

Destiny Key
Destiny Key








Destiny Key Quests

Salty Took with Destiny Key quest


You can obtain the destiny keys by doing quests for characters with a blue exclamation or question mark over their heads.

Look all through the game for the blue-marked characters and accept each quest.

These are different from the normal red quests that originate from Professor Pinfeathers.

If you continue to do regular quests, you’ll move to the next level and blue key quests disappear.


Blue Key side questsOnce you find and accept all destiny key quests, you’ll recognize them below Professor Pinfeathers with the blue key icon. For each quest you complete, you receive one destiny key and 20 coins.

Continue the blue quests and craft the Keys of Fate until you have all of the exclusive pets.  Since it costs 50 destiny keys each time you open the zoom zone, plan to do 300 blue quests to get the mid-term goal, all 4 pets, and a required set of food.

If you accidentally continue regular red quests, the blue quests will come back several levels later. However, I advise doing them all at level 69 since you may forget and miss the chance for the pets later on. And the pets are so rewarding, you benefit from getting them as soon as possible.


Quest Availability

If you missed the opportunity to obtain the four pets, there are additional, brief periods in which the destiny key quests are activated:

  • Levels 71, 74, and 76
  • When you reach the top level and are waiting for a content update from the developers


Ghostly Chest Finds

Ghostly Chest zoom zone findsThe items you can obtain from the Ghostly Chest are awarded in a certain order. Food is sometimes required before you can get the last pet. After you have the 4 pets, food is the only thing available from then on:

  1. Portal Activator mid-term goal object
  2. Rainbow Dragon pet
  3. Sea Serpent pet
  4. Fire Dragon pet
  5. Woolly-Paw pet
  6. 5 bags of exclusive food




Exclusive Pets

Exclusive Pets

The level of reward and amount of food the exclusive pets eat goes up in the same order that you obtain them, with Woolly-Paw as the most rewarding.






Exclusive Chests

Crystal Blue Exclusive Chest


Unlike other pets, these exclusive pets can give you a crystal blue chest that contains many airship items. 

Contents of blue chest





They are an invaluable source of much-needed supply at this level!



Destiny Key Quest Results

Unlike red quests, blue quests do not require crafting and you get to keep the items you receive from HOS and zoom zones. The only exception is if the character specifies an item by name; in that case, the item disappears when you complete the quest.

So for instance, if a character asks you:

  • For a torch from the crypt, you lose it upon completing the quest
  • To visit the crypt, any item you receive stays in your inventory
  • For a strangled ruby from the iron chest ZZ, you lose it upon completing the quest
  • To visit the iron chest ZZ, the item you receive stays in your inventory.

*On average, you get to keep 75% of the items you earned from destiny key quests while 25% is given back to the quest character.

Future Blue Quests

After you’ve obtained all 4 pets, you can continue to advance in levels by doing regular quests for Professor Pinfeathers. However, the question remains whether or not to continue the destiny key quests when they become available again.

Although you can obtain 5 bags of exclusive food by opening the Ghostly Chest again, the food is eventually available in the same way regular food comes from doing hidden object scenes.



  • When you’re sent to a zoom zone, you’re able to get the items required from the HOS. You’ll acquire many zoom zone items, which is an upgrade from having all HOS items.
  • If you have a large inventory, the zoom zones use your HOS items instead of acquiring more.

  • Every zoom zone has 2-3 different possible rewards. If you persist in doing these quests daily, you’ll eventually earn every possible zoom zone item, which makes it easy to meet challenges and future quests to quickly craft items.
  • You might prefer to keep your items at the lowest possible (HOS)  level for the greatest flexibility in meeting future quest requirements from Professor Pinfeathers.

  • When you have all the ingredients you need to craft any item, you can be more selective in what you craft during castle challenges, potentially saving diamonds, stamps, and coins.
  • You do not need items to craft on the side because you either do not participate in castle challenges, or you prefer to craft another item, such as pet food.
  • You can continue to use the Ghostly Chest to collect 5 bags of exclusive food. Keep in mind that this can be very costly in coins and stamps.

  • You can accumulate exclusive food by making the rounds through all the HOS for random drops of food. This is by far less costly than getting the food through the zoom zone.
  • If you enjoy goal-oriented quests, you can continue to do destiny key quests when you reach the top level or are otherwise bored with the game.
  • Simply making the rounds doing random HOS can be boring.


For players who are not inventory savers, the Destiny Key quests are a great resource for accumulating zoom zone items and staying focused without getting bored. I would suggest doing as many blue quests as you can while also playing random HOS. 

For players with a large inventory that you’ve accumulated over a long period, my best advice is to take a break, do destiny key quests if you want more zoom zone items, and continue to make the rounds through all the HOS. 

*In a test of 16 blue quests that earned 32 items, I was allowed to keep 24 in my inventory, and 8 were taken by the quest characters.