Questions about Midnight Castle are frequently asked by players. If you have a question, there’s a good chance that many other players have it too. If you don’t see your question here, contact me.  I’ll answer and add it to the list!

Look to see if there’s an arrow on the right side of your friend’s gift card. If there is none, they have nothing on their wish list. Players take down their wish list by removing all items from it. They do it for many reasons, such as taking a break or catching up on returning gifts to others.

Gift Card Arrow

If a friend has no items on their wish list, the game moves their card to the end of the alphabet. It’s also possible that you already gifted that person today and their card was therefore moved to the end of the list.

For instance, you’re looking for your friend, Barb’s card. You have 2 pages of friends, Betty thru Brenda, but Barb’s card appears as the last one. Since she has nothing on her wish list, her card is placed at the end of all names starting with B.

Your friend’s gift card reads left to right by the quantity you have in inventory. If you don’t have an item, it’s listed with a red hue. If you tap on it, you can buy the item instead.

   Buy Gift for Friend

No, not at all. Your items appear to your friends in the order that is most useful to them; in order of their inventory quantity.

Go to the Castle Gates and tap one of the large guards on either side of the gate entry.

Move knights at Castle Gates.

Your primary source is from doing the daily Gnome Quests. Sometimes pets will also reward you with medallions when you feed them. The Gnome is one of 3 different characters, located below all other quests.

Gnome Character Quest

It won’t actually ‘hatch,’ but you need the egg to craft the pet in the laboratory. If you already have the pet, you can sell or give it away.

If you’re at level 9 or higher, the dragon is available at your dice table. Just use the arrows at the bottom to scroll down to the last 2 characters.

Tap the arrow to view more characters.  Two more characters appear.

You can access your private rooms from the hidden menu on the far right of the screen. Tap the blue tab, then select the icon that looks like a house.

The private room icon looks like a house.

Go to your private room and select the ‘John’ icon. Your friends’ avatars will appear at the bottom. Select any to go to their private room.

View private room of friends.  

  1. Play HOS to collect puzzle pieces.
  2. Open Puzzles from the hidden menu. Numbers on the pieces indicate you have duplicates.
  3. If you have duplicates, exchange them for Sparkles to buy new pieces.
  4. (Optional) Buy new puzzle pieces with Sparkles or diamonds.
  5. Once you’ve collected all pieces, you can ‘play’ the puzzle and put it together.

Turn extra puzzle pieces into Sparkles to buy new pieces.

That depends. The game can be played on 3 different platforms: Windows PC,  iOS (iPad/iPhone), and Android/Kindle Fire. However, you cannot play the same game on more than one platform. You can, however, ask the developers to permanently transfer your game to a different platform. 

Platform Compatibility Issues

You can always, transfer your game to the same platform. For example, if you’re playing on your iPhone, you can transfer it to your iPad. Or if you get a new Windows PC, you can transfer your old PC game to it. You’ll need to sign in with the same ID and download your progress from the Cloud or Facebook.

Consequences of transferring your game:

  • Your friends will not transfer over. You’ll have to invite them again on the new device.
  • If you go back to playing on the old device, you risk losing progress and inventory.

I recommend contacting Big Fish Games or Elephant Games for help with any technical issues such as this. You can submit a request at Midnight Castle Zendesk.

No, not if you’re playing on an Android or Kindle Fire tablet. If you’re playing on iOS, some of the newer iPads allow it if you can log in with multiple user IDs.

Number of games allowed per device

If you’re playing on a Windows PC. you can have multiple, separate Midnight Castle games. Set up another user for your PC, log out, and log back in as the new user. Start the game, and play from the beginning. Your multiple games will not affect one another.

As of spring 2021, there are 106 levels of play.

You first need to have the game codes for other players. Facebook groups are a great source for finding player friends.

  1. Open the Social page from the hidden menu.
  2. Tap the blue plus sign and enter the ID number.
    • If you’re on an iOS device, you must start with the letter i, then the number.
    • If you’re on an Android/Kindle Fire device, you must start with the letter a, then the number.
  3. When you find the player, tap the Invite button. Once they accept your request, they will appear in your list of friends.

You first need a supply of the pink Gift for Friend from playing hidden object scenes. It’s a good idea to plan in advance since they are more difficult to obtain once the Christmas event starts, . 

  1. From the hidden menu, tap the private room icon (shaped like a house).
  2. Tap on John to open a friend’s private room. Your friend needs to have one of the Christmas rooms open. If not, move onto the next friend.
  3. Send them a gift. It requires one pink Gift for a Friend each time. You’ll receive a Santa’s Medallion in return. Where you tap depends on the location:
    • Christmas room 1: on the Christmas tree.
    • Christmas room 2 or 3: on the Santa’s bag.

If you’re looking for an update for your device, it depends on the platform you’re playing:

  • For iOS devices, open the App Store, then Updates. If there’s an update, it will be listed there. If the button says Open, try tapping the game icon instead.

  • For Kindle Fire, open the Games & Apps tab. Tap the hamburger menu (3 horizontal lines). Select Updates. If the button says Open, try tapping the game icon instead.

  • For Android devices, open the Google Play Store app. Tap Games and search for Midnight Castle. Tap the game icon, then Update.

  • For Windows PC, open the Game Manager and look for Queue under Download Game. If a number appears in the queue, tap to download it. Once it’s downloaded, it will appear under Updates.

On all devices, after you install the update, open the game and wait for the install to complete.

Although the developers never announce an expected date for new releases or events, you can get a general idea of what to expect by viewing this topic: When is the Next Release?