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Hidden Menu Location

Hidden Menu Tab

To view additional menus, tap the blue arrow tab on the right side of the screen. It expands to reveal more options. Here you can access private rooms, friends, castle challenges, event albums, puzzles, and amulets.

A lock on any icon means you have not yet reached the level required to access it. Exception: tournaments have not been available since they were discontinued.

Hidden Menu

Private Rooms

Private Room Icon

Available at level 13, this private area contains rooms and furniture you access with golden keys from a special character named Trina. The rooms are associated with many achievements, special events, and a golden chest with rewards.

Private Room Gold Chest

Be sure to visit this area often for gifts from a golden Mystery Chest. You can access it in your private room and that of a friend every 3 hours. For more gifts, also tap the flying butterflies.

A new room is often added for each event: Spring, Fall, and Winter. They contain beautiful graphics and one or more hidden object scenes with items you need to craft the special event pets.

Golden Key from Trina

Golden keys from Trina are required to unlock the rooms and furniture slots in each room. Trina is in the Key Master Shop. Look for the lighted door with a key sign at the Castle Gates.


A periodic contest of speed among all players, tournaments test your ability to find objects in HOS that are not found anywhere else in the game. With very lucrative prizes, the tournaments were disabled due to questions about players cheating to win. 


Social Page

Social Icon

Open the Social page to make friends, gift other players, and create a wish list to receive gifts from friends.

Don’t underestimate the value of game friends! You can’t rely on the friend ‘John’ that comes with the game. It’s easy to invite friends that you find on Facebook.

There are two tabs on the social page:

  • My Friends — add friends, visit your friends’ wish list and gift them
  • My Wish List — add items to a list from which your friends can gift you 

For more in-depth information, see Gifting & Friends.

Castle Challenge

Castle Challenge Icon

Periodically, a difficult challenge event is offered for a 30-day period. Each day, you’re assigned a new task. When a challenge is active, you can tap this icon to access it.

The rewards offered in a challenge are always avatars. You can earn one avatar for each set of 10 daily challenges you complete. You must complete each day’s challenge before moving on to the next. Each new challenge is activated when a 24-hour game period begins.

Castle Challenge

If you’re a new player, I don’t recommend participating in the challenge. Even at level 74, I’ve found the challenges to be too costly on my inventory and diamonds. Alternatively, you can limit yourself to the first 10 challenges and use the entire 30 days to complete them and earn at least one avatar.

You can see which avatars are earned from previous castle challenges when you view the Avatars List.

Event Photo Album

Event Album Icon

Available during events only, this album contains pictures of flying objects you collect during events. The objects float by, briefly giving you a chance to ‘catch’ them and earn achievements. By tapping this icon, you can view a photo album of the objects you’ve collected.

Shown here is the Spring event photo album, with 15 different categories of objects. You can select a category on the left and see everything you’ve collected. The ladies enchanted eggs are shown in this screenshot.

Spring Even Album Page


Puzzle Icon

Available at level 11, a large collection of jigsaw puzzles are yet another means of earning coins, diamonds, stamps, eggs, and other items.

You must first earn puzzle pieces by playing hidden object scenes. You’ll earn many duplicate pieces, which can be exchanged for Sparkles that you can use to buy additional pieces. Once you have all pieces, you can put the puzzle together, select items you want to win, and play a ‘guess which hand’ game with a little boy. For in-depth instructions and details, see Puzzles.

Mini Events

Mini Event Icon

Seldom used, these events require a large group effort to succeed in obtaining rewards for everyone. It’s been so long since we’ve had one, they’ve basically been discontinued.

Enchanted Amulets

Amulet Icon

Available at level 9, amulets make certain aspects of playing easier by removing time limits. To open amulets, press this icon.

Enchanted Amulets

You can activate amulets with energy units that you randomly earn from playing hidden object scenes — up to 20 units every 24 hours.

The amulets window shows you how much energy you have and all your available amulets. You can also view them in your inventory. To activate an amulet, press the green button, which indicates how many energy units are required.

There are 4 different kinds of amulets. Three amulets are pictured and described.

Two HOS cooldown amulets enable you to bypass or shorten the time that HOS refresh and become available again.

This is especially useful when you’re trying to complete daily gnome quests in a limited amount of time.

Morphing amulets shorten the time you would normally wait for morphing objects to appear.

The 4th amulet (not pictured) was offered briefly during an event for a very large sum of coins. If you didn’t purchase it at the time, it’s unavailable. It shortens the time between flying object appearances during events. If you’re interested, maybe the developers will make it available again during a future event.

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