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Main Screen

Your Game ID & Achievements

Avatar Icon To view your avatar, game name, current level, achievements and game ID, tap the avatar icon in the upper left corner of the game.

Avatar & Achievements

Your Avatar Picture

Avatar Picture Your avatar is the profile picture that represents you as a player. You begin the game with a default image and game name that you’ll want to change. To change your avatar or game name, tap the pencil icon. Avatar Selection You can select any avatar that is unlocked. You unlock them through achievement rewards and castle challenges. If you’re interested in a locked avatar, tap the picture and a pop-up explains how to obtain it.


Your Game Name

Everyone begins with the default name of Player, but when a friend sends you a gift, they will look for you by name. You want to be recognized, so don’t keep the default name. To change it, tap the pencil icon. Make it unique because millions of other players may have the same name! Many players will keep track of gifts from you so they can return the favor. To avoid confusion, stick with the same game name. You can tack a small message on the end while keeping the first part of your name the same. Because it’s difficult to gift multiple friends with the same name, many players refuse to accept a friend invitation from anyone with the name of ‘Player.’

Your Friend ID Code

When you install the game, a unique code is automatically assigned to your game. You can find the number below your avatar picture. The platform on which you’re playing is also indicated by the code. To make friends and receive gifts from other players, you must be on the same platform. A good source for finding game friend IDs are Facebook groups. For more information, see my top picks.

Friend Code Formats

  • Windows PC — all numbers, no letters
  • iOS (iPad, iPhone, iPod) — numbers begin with a small letter i
  • Android/Kindle Fire — numbers begin with a small letter a

Achievement Trophies

Achievements With a whopping 369 achievements available as of spring 2021, you should familiarize yourself with the list! Rewards vary, but can include diamonds, avatars, stamps, or pets. 3 Trophy Levels Every achievement listed has 3 possible trophies you can earn. Trophy levels increase in value and difficulty. For more information, see the achievements list, which includes details on each trophy level for every achievement. In the screenshot below, the 1st trophy for the ‘Food Frenzy’ achievement has already been awarded. The 10 diamond prize shown is for the 2nd trophy. You cannot yet see what the 3rd trophy task and reward will be. In the next two achievements, the 3rd trophies have already been awarded so the achievements are now complete.


Trina’s Quests

Trina's Quests Icon A special character based on a real person, Trina Mils, is memorialized in the game. Trina is the official ‘key master’ who rewards you with golden keys. You need these keys to open private rooms, special event HOS, and numerous furniture slots that involve significant achievements and pets. Key Master Shop Location Trina’s quests become available when you reach level 13. Her character resides in the Key Master Shop, which can be a little tricky to find. Go to the Castle Gates, and you’ll see a key logo sign over the lighted doorway.



Gnome Quests

Gnome Quest CharacterWhen you reach level 10, you can perform a new type of daily quest that is unrelated to other quests. The gnome quest icon is always below all other quest character icons.


Game Countdown Clock

The timer connected to the gnome icon is used as a countdown to the end of a game day. When the counter reaches zero, a new 24-hour game period begins. This is important to know since gifting and many other game features end or refresh when the new day begins. For more information, see Gifting Periods & Timers.

Gnome Characters

One of 3 different characters appear for the gnome quest: Mechanogle the Engineer, Librender the Archivist, or Potionmant the Alchemist. Gnome quests are not connected to character quests or earn any increase in your level. However, you need to complete them since they are the primary means of obtaining pet medallions used to craft new pets.
Gnome Quest Characters

Gnome Quest Achievements

Achievements involving gnome quests are a bit confusing. They require you to complete a 3, 5, or 10-part quest. This refers to the gold ‘spokes’ on the wheel surrounding the gnome icon. The number of sections between these spokes are the ‘parts’. When you complete one part, the section turns purple. In this example, the icon on the left indicates there are 10 parts (gold spokes) to these quests. In the 2nd icon, the 2 purple sections between the gold spokes indicate that 2 parts are completed and another 8 parts remain undone.

Event Quests

During seasonal events, the gnome quest character is replaced with one associated with the event:
  • Spring Fairy
  • All Hallows Jack
  • Christmas Elf
Event Quest Characters

Pets & Food

Crafting or earning achievement pets is an optional but highly profitable task! When you ‘feed’ (tap) a pet, it rewards you with a chest of goodies: quest items, diamonds, pet medallions, stamps, and/or significant amounts of coin.
Feeding Pet for Gold Chest
Chests increase in value by type: from wood, iron, silver, to gold and crystal blue. The most rewarding are the gold and exclusive crystal blue chests. Available at level 68 or above, exclusive pets can produce crystal blue chests that contain a significant number of airship supplies.
Pets Chests
For more information, see Pets, Chests & Eggs or Pet List & Details.

Coins, Diamonds & the Bank

Your Coins & Diamonds
The upper right corner displays your inventory of coins and diamonds. The plus sign is a link to the game bank where you can pay real money for more coins or diamonds.
I recommend spending real money only if you are in a pinch and have no other choice. You’ll be going through millions of coins to open new locations, so budget wisely. The game is free for all to play. In support of its development, some players intentionally purchase diamonds and coins.



Settings Icon
When you tap the gear icon, you can change or mute the game volume, disable hidden object scene night mode, access help topics, and contact Big Fish Games. You can also disable tournament notices, but they are not currently functional.
Optional Settings and Help


Inventory Icon
To check your supplies, sell items, or change the pet displayed on your main screen, tap the inventory icon. Tabs are used to sort items from hidden object scenes & zoom zones, pets & food, stamps, craft items, pet eggs, airship supplies, event items, and amulets.
Every tab is arranged first by number, then by alphabet. For instance, the items tab may show a blood lotus, harpy’s feather, and torch in alphabetical order. Because you have more than one,  a bear’s fury may show up several pages later.
Inventory Tabs
To reverse the order displayed, press the blue 123 button. I find this useful for viewing items that I have in large quantities, when looking for something to sell. I also use it to quickly see how many bags of food I have on the pets tab.

Selling Inventory

The value and description of an item pops up when you tap the picture. To sell for coins or shards, click the appropriate button. In this example you could sell the bird scales for 90 coins or 3 shards.
Inventory Item Values


Craft Lab

Craft Lab IconYou can access the craft lab from the 2nd to the last icon on the right lower screen. When following instructions from a quest, you’ll frequently land in the lab. Gather the required materials to create a crafted item or a pet. Requirements usually include coins, HOS or ZZ items, and stamps. All crafts are listed on an Items tab. If you’re required to craft for a quest, you can use the Find buttons to obtain the ZZ or HOS items that you’re missing. If you’re not crafting for a quest, the Find buttons are not guaranteed to result in the correct item. Pet Tab The craft lab has a tab with a paw print that is not related to quests. When you tap this tab, you’ll see all pets and foods you can craft. However, not all pets are available from the lab; some can only be obtained as a reward for an achievement. For more details and help, see the Craft Laboratory.

Location Map

Map Icon
Available from the lower right corner of the screen, the map enables you to navigate regions other than the Castle.
When you first begin playing, you move through locations in the Castle region. As you progress, additional regions become available that you can navigate by using the map. Regions are locked until you have reached the level required to open them. Don’t try to find the quest to open a region; you’ll get there if you continue to follow Professor Pinfeather’s instructions. Map Map - right side


Castle — your starting place, with 12 different locations: Castle Vicinity, Tavern, Castle Gates, Key Master Shop, Castle Entry, Ice Rock, Forbidden Tower, Throne Hall, Dungeon of the Cursed, Underground Grotto, Mystery Chamber, and Mirror Lake. Town of Rocksville — available at level 22, after completing the Keeper of Wishes quest. 10 locations include City Square, Kaley’s Fancy Goods, Ancient Park, Chapel, City Cemetery, Metro Station, Far Metro Station, Underground Treasury, Residential District, and Limb Entrance. Cloud City — available at level 29, after completing King’s Problem quest. 10 locations include Cloud Pier, Commercial District, Rune Garden, Source Gates, Temple of Justice, Criminal’s Den, Torture Chamber, Craftsman District, Dream Palace, and City Prison. Elvyn Forest — available at level 45, after completing Elf Creature quest. 3 locations include Pond of Life, Forest Palace, and Tree Top. Dark Tower — available at level 61, after completing Crossed Fingers quest. 6 locations include Dark Tower Gates, Hall, Guest Room, Library, Laboratory, and Dark Portal. Harbor — available at level 69, after completing Energy Search quest. 4 locations include Port, Captain’s Bridge, Cargo Hold. and Lighthouse. Atlantis — available at 72 after completing The Sea Calls! quest. level 4 locations include Gates to Atlantis, Watery Bridge, Temple Entrance, and Atlantean Temple. Fairy Forest — available at level 74 after completing Artifact quest. 3 locations include Fairy Tale Forest, Enchanted Creek, and Museum of Tales. East Region — available at level 77 after completing Envoy from the East quest. 8 locations include Palace Square, Persian Bazaar, Sultan’s Gallery, Palace Balcony, Serenity Garden, Hall of Creation, Magic Council Chamber, and World’s Edge. Bone Kingdom — available at level 84 after completing Victory quest. 11 locations include Bone Palace, Ballroom, Ruined Gallery, Hall of Souls, King’s Crypt, Ghost Grotto, Road to Ghost Town, Ghost Town Square, Creepy Street, Cursed House, and Grim Cellar. Northern Islands — available at level 89 after completing New Hopes quest. 5 locations include Island Shore, Sacred Grove, Frosty Fort, Jousting Field, and Ice Hall. Titan Town — available at level 96 after starting the Release the Pigeons quest. 6 locations include Titan Town Gates, Square of Titans, Ancient Garden, Forest of Shadows, Forest Edge, and Hut on Legs. For more information, see Opening Costs for expenses required to unlock locations, hidden object scenes, and zoom zones. The costs are listed per level as you progress through the game.

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