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Levels 1-10

Uncle Vesnik's Letter


As the game begins, you receive a letter from the estate of your uncle, Count Vesnik, who has willed his castle to you.

A strange force has taken over the castle. Deep inside, there’s a secret chamber that will grant you any desire! You hurry to the castle to make sure it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.


Professor Pinfeathers


You meet Professor Pinfeathers who advises you’ll need a compass to find the secret chamber. However, the force that took over the castle broke and scattered the compass pieces throughout the castle!


He introduces you to your uncle’s trusted advisers who can help you repair it:  Anabel, the Iron Knight, and the reluctant Innkeeper, Salty Took.

Anabel, Iron Knight & Salty Took
Anabel, Iron Knight & Salty Took


Broken Compass


When you finish repairs to the compass, changes are made to the castle entry. See the broken compass activated in this video

Secret Locked Door

A secret locked door in the castle entry is revealed! It will require 7 keys to remove the door locks. The Knight, Anabel, Salty, Lord Chamberlain and Rustle the Mountain Troll have the keys you need.


Innkeeper Salty Took


Your search for the mystery chamber brings back bad memories for Salty, whose search for it nearly drove him insane.



Lord Chamberlain


Chamberlain introduces himself as the castle keeper and your uncle’s right hand man. He needs assurance you’ll rule well in your uncle’s stead.




7 Keys to Secret Door

After you apply all 7 keys, the locks are removed. See the secret keys activated in this video!

Valeria Steiner's Diary

A sacred text is revealed — Valeria Steiner’s diary. Since Valeria knew many secrets, her diary should reveal more about the chamber.



Wise Dragon



Pinfeathers introduces you to the ‘oldest resident of the castle’ — the Wise Dragon, who also claims to be the castle keeper.



Vampire Anabel


Anabel goes through initiation rites to obtain the power of the highest vampire and her sudden fangs reflect the change. Anabel says you’ll need to descend through the castle and helps you find the dungeon of the cursed.


Ghost of Valeria Steiner



After you have all the parts to the diary, the ghost of Valeria Steiner appears.


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