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Levels 11-20

Henry the Troll


Henry the ArchaeologistHenry the Troll was cursed by an old sorcerer, which he later remembers was Lord Chamberlain.

The alchemist finds a cure and Henry is transformed to his former self — the archaeologist.  



Iron Knight Transforms


Meanwhile, the Iron Knight is distracted from his duties by Anabel, who is struggling to keep her thirst for blood under control. The Knight suddenly feels strange and transforms into a werewolf.


Ghost of Salty Took


Salty, who hears of Valeria’s presence, is feeling weak and asks for a potion. Instead of healing him, he is poisoned and becomes a ghost. He is reunited and reconciled with Valeria, his true love.

Ghost of Valeria Steiner


Valeria, guarding the hatch, wants revenge on her murderer. She first suspects the troll, then Anabel, then the Iron Knight; but all are innocent. Finding ashes where she died, she realizes the flames from the wise dragon killed her.

Wise Dragon Kills Valeria


The dragon claims he was defending the mystery chamber from her evil intentions, so Valeria sacrifices her soul to reveal the hatch to the underground grotto.




Anabel longs to know what happened to her father, Henry. She learns he was a troll and has become a human again. Anabel is in opposition to Lord Chamberlain, who is arrogant and known for his dark ways.

Lord ChamberlainChamberlain strives to become the most powerful member of the Vampire Council by getting rid of his competition. He celebrates with red wine and his coat and cane orb turn red. He admits he murdered your uncle and threatens the same fate for you if you disobey him.


Ghost of Salty TookSalty asks for help from a medium to figure out who murdered him. During a ritual, he discovers that Chamberlain killed him. To help promote intimacy between Salty and Valeria, you help him find gifts for her. Salty realizes he must find the courage to find Valeria in the material world.


Wise DragonThe Wise Dragon keeps hearing whispers from the river of time. Over the years, he has witnessed many seekers of the Mystery Chamber and admits he had to kill them. He suggests that you may be next if you make Valeria’s mistake. Satisfied you are not greedy, he warns you to stay alert.

Henry wonders if you know anything about his daughter’s admirer, the Iron Knight. He sees a werewolf sign among Anabel’s things and suddenly wants better protection, so he hires a guard.


Iron Knight Werewolf


The werewolf Knight, heartsick in love, dreams of the day Anabel will be his. He is also looking for his real father, knowing only that he was a “Clan Leader.”

Arabella Scales


The witch, Arabella Scales, seems friendly with Lord Chamberlain but says he’s nearly out of time. She is obligated to him but lets him think he’s the clever one.


Skull Pete


At Mirror Lake, Skull Pete is doomed to be flesh-less forever due to Lord Chamberlain’s curse. Pete misses his ship and the smell of sea air.



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