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Levels 21-30

Iron Knight


On the search for his father, the Iron Knight encounters a band of thieves. In his absence, he worries that Anabel will forget him, so on Dark Valentine’s Day, he sends you to find gifts for her.


Skull Pete


Skull Pete finds a recipe to defeat Lord Chamberlain’s curse and returns to his human form. Celebrating with fine Elvish rum, Pete acquires a new sword, then takes a rest.

Keeper of the Castle


The threat that the Keeper of the Castle has sensed comes to light as the chains on the door to the underground grotto fall away and you enter the mystery chamber.


Mysterious figure destrors machine of wishes.


Before disappearing, a mysterious figure destroys the wishes machine with a laser light from his eyes.


Keeper of Wishes


At the heart of the mystery chamber, the Keeper of Wishes is outraged by the attack on her home. She gives you a magical map to find the villain.





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