Other than this website, where can you get help with the game? Midnight Castle offers a small help section within the game, a walk-through, and a game-play page with videos. If you’re looking for game friends, there are also several Facebook groups you can join to share ID codes.

In-Game Help

Settings gear icon

You can access in-game help by tapping the settings gear icon in the upper right hand corner of the screen. In the Options window, select the Help button.


A new page at Big Fish Games also offers help in an outline format that includes video demonstrations. See their Game Play page.

Player Groups

If you’re looking for friends to invite to your game, you’ll need other players’ ID game code or share your code with other players. I highly recommend the Facebook group, Midnight Castle Help, Tips, & Reference. To join the group, everyone must share their game ID, which is verified and kept current with frequent updates. Also see top picks for Facebook groups.

Big Fish Forum

Although it’s been closed to input since 2018, Big Fish’s forum for Midnight Castle contains  reference information that was compiled by many different game players. You may find it useful, however, remember that it is now quite outdated.

Big Fish Game Customer Support

If you experience technical difficulties such as malfunctions, installation problems, game transfer issues, etc., you can contact Big Fish Game’s support department for help. Simply fill out the support request form on their website.