Social Page Icon

To gift friends or create a wish list, open the Social page from the icon in the hidden menu.  The icon represents your built-in friend, John, ‘Just John.’

There are two tabs at the top of the Social page: My Friends and My Wish List:

Social Page Tabs

My Friends Tab

When you first open the Social page, John is automatically included as your only friend. I don’t recommend gifting to him; he might or might not gift you back! John is not a real person. His badge indicates he’s at level 121; however, that level is not yet attainable.

Social Page

Inviting / Adding Friends

Before you can invite or add a friend, you need their game ID code. The player’s code must be compatible with the device platform on which you play. For example, if you play on an iPad, you can invite players who play on an iPhone, iPad, or iPod. Here are the differences in platforms:

  • Android and Kindle Fire game IDs start with the letter ‘a’
  • iOS game IDs start with the letter ‘i’
  • Windows PC player IDs have all numbers, without any letter

Facebook groups are a great source for finding game friends and sharing game ID codes. See my top 3 picks of existing groups.

Add Friend IconTo invite a friend, tap the plus sign (+). In the box that opens, enter the player’s ID number, including any letter such as i or a. Alternatively, if the player has a unique name, you can enter it instead of the numeric code.

Add Friend BoxAs you can see, your own friend ID code appears in the box that pops up. You may want to record this if you plan to share it with others. The tabs along the left side are useful in keeping track of friend requests.

Status of Invitations

Running vertically down the left side of the Social page are 3 tabs: Declined, Invited, and New Requests. Your invitation to add a friend will show up in the invited tab until accepted. If you delete a friend, it will appear on the declined tab. When another player sends you an invitation, it appears on the new requests tab.

Social Page Gift Tabss

Gifting Friends

To gift a friend, you can use the search box to find their name or you might want to gift players in alphabetical order. Names are not all listed alphabetically; players that you’ve already gifted will appear at the end of names that begin with the same letter.

For example, Barb may appear on page 4, following Brad on page 3 because she has no items on her wish list. This also happens when you’ve already gifted Barb within the last 24-hour game period.

When you navigate pages using the buttons at the bottom, a glitch in the game sometimes causes the display to flip back to page 1. If this happens, you could try searching by letter instead (A, B, C, etc.) to prevent losing your place.

Once you locate a friend’s ‘card’, tap the arrow on the right to flip it over. Their wish list can show as many as 4 items. If there is no arrow, they do not have anything selected on their wish list, so you cannot gift them at this time.

Wish list with and without arrow

Players are missing the arrow and have empty wish lists for many reasons, including:

• Taking a break
• Catching up on gifting back to friends
• Not needing any gifts

After you turn a card over, items on your friend’s wish list are presented left to right, in the order in which you have the largest supply. If you do not have the item they want, it displays in a red color. In this example of John’s wish list, the stamps are displayed first because I have the most of them. I have fewer of the 3rd item. The 4th item is displayed in red because I have none.

To gift an item shown in red, just tap it. You can select to pay for it in coins or diamonds. If it’s an event item or pet egg, it’s available with diamonds only. Many players enjoy paying a small amount of coins to gift friends without reducing their inventory.

Buy Gift for Friend

Friends Activity Indicator

Friend Activity IconA red or green ‘pawn’ icon indicates a player’s activity level. Green means they’re active. The red pawn means they haven’t played for a week. However, I’ve found these indicators to be faulty many times, so make certain a friend has stopped playing before you delete them from your game.

Limitations in Gifting

Unfortunately, you cannot gift unlimited amounts to your friends. You can gift 5 different friends every 8 hours. There are three 8-hour periods in a day, so you can gift a total of 15 friends. Although the periods occur simultaneously for everyone, you may be in a different time zone.

Countdown TimerYou can figure your start time by looking at the amount of time left on the daily gnome quest. It’s always the last quest character on the left side of the screen. In this example, there are 3 hours, 53 minutes, and 34 seconds before the new game day begins.

When the countdown reaches zero, a new 24-hour cycle begins. If your game is open when the new day begins, you’ll know because it triggers a daily bonus gift. For more information on the game clock, see Gifting Periods & Timers, which includes the related USA time zones.

My Wish List Tab

You can specify gifts you want to receive from friends by adding them to your wish list. To add an item, tap and briefly hold it. To remove an item, tap the minus (-) sign.

A glitch in the game causes an item to remain on your list after you try to remove it. If you tap the minus sign again, the game freezes and you’ll have to force it closed and restart. The work-around: if an item doesn’t appear to be deleted, simply close the social page and reopen it; the item disappears and you can prevent the game from freezing.

wish List Tab

The first time you add items to your wish list, you must pay with diamonds to open the slots. I recommend opening all 4 slots. The order of items you select does not matter. Your friends will see your list in the order of their own available inventory. 

My Wish List Order

Search Box

If you know the name of the item you need, it’s easier to search than to navigate through pages to find it. Check your inventory before you add items to your wish list. For example, you may be running low on airship items, stamps or pet food.

If you’re in need of coins, you could add items required to craft something to sell for a profit. Pet eggs and certain crafted items are worth a lot of coins. However, keep in mind that everyone is in constant need of coins. If your friend doesn’t have the egg, it costs 500+ diamonds to purchase. So if you need eggs, try to also list reasonable items your friends can gift you.

Items Available

You can see the name of an item when you hover over or tap it. Very basic items such as pet food, airship items, and stamps are on the first few pages, making them easy to find. The list of items available grows larger as you progress to new levels. If you can’t find an item, It might not be available until you attain a higher playing level.

If you’re listing an item to collect for an achievement, be sure to check the achievements list for details. Normally, you can earn the achievement by receiving the item as a gift. However, an achievement might require that you obtain the item yourself — not from friends. So if you receive it, it won’t count towards the achievement.

Some items cannot be gifted or added to your wish list: pet medallions, morphing flowers, coins, diamonds, and event collectibles such as flying objects (snow globes, ghosts, eggs, etc.).

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