All hidden object scenes (HOS) are listed by location. The 3rd column lists the items you can obtain from each HOS. For private room HOS, see Event & Achievement Pets. Updated to include all HOS through level 106.

Castle Vicinity Crypt HOS Torch, Murderer’s Eye, Eight-Pointed Star, Harpy’s Feather

Castle Vicinity Broken Carriage HOS Winged Amulet, Seal of Courage, Rune Stone, Chain of Blood Rubies

Tavern Bar Counter HOS Shackles of Chaos, Insight Ring, Rune of Cruelty, Foundation of the Universe

Tavern Game Table HOS Devil’s Glove, The Fungus Among Us, Banner of Loyalty, Stranger’s Badge

Castle Gates Belfry HOS Sign of the Predator, Styx Charm, Polestar, Links of Steel

Castle Gates Broken Well HOS Forged Key, Shard of Soul, Sign of Steadfast Faith, Mechanogle Gear

Castle Entry Elfish Bas-Relief HOS Bear’s Fury, Seed of Life, Black Lily, Life Flower

Castle Entry Fire Fountain HOS Ice Crown, Archistrategist’s Ring, Soul Harvest, Vampire’s Palm

Ice Rock Frozen Treasure HOS Horseman’s Seal, Sand of Eternity, Wreath of Justice, Aristocratic Finger

Ice Rock Summer Garden HOS Ring of Bloody Eyes, Symbol of Love, Live Potion, Celestial Pendant

Throne Hall Armor and Banners HOS Mask of Virtue, Raven’s Eye, Shield of Order, Cannonball

Throne Hall Mirror Nave/Mirrors HOS Sparkle Flamer, Smashing Rune, Majestic Hat, Wise Saying

Forbidden Tower Mosaic Panel HOS Blood Greed, Grasping Handle, Immortal Treasure, Heaviness of Sin

Forbidden Tower Scroll Storage HOS Thunderstorm Talisman, Charon’s Helmet, Sign of Tactics, Poisonous Flower

Dungeon of the Cursed Armory/Battle Pit HOS Crystal of Twilight, Glowing Darkness, Crown of Wisdom, Sword of Law

Dungeon of the Cursed Skulls HOS Poisonous Stinger, Stone of Wild Nature, Griffin Symbol, Bloodred Moon

Underground Grotto Stone Bowl HOS Stability, Druid’s Hand, Good Intentions, Sign of Denial

Underground Grotto Crocodile Bush HOS Silver Embrace, Teeth of the North, Wild Flame, Measure of Time

Mystery Chamber Tree of Knowledge HOS Blooming Pond, Chain of Fear, Pendant of Tears, Eye of Wisdom

Mystery Chamber Shining Split HOS Silent Judge, Taste of Prey, Star Beam

Mirror Lake Pirate Ship HOS Silent Judge, Taste of Prey, Star Beam

Mirror Lake Tent HOS Throne Base, Rage of the Forest, Knight’s Honor

Elvyn Forest
Pond of Life Shallow Waters HOS Lily Shield, Ring of Regenesis, Mind Binds

Pond of Life Tree Hole HOS Sharp-Toothed Gear, Ring of Life Powers, Lure of Adventure

Forest Palace Mushrooms and Moss HOS Gnawing Pain, Sacred Branch, Poisonous Bite

Forest Palace Arbor HOS Sacrificial Stone, Elf’s Portrait, Wax Man

Tree Top Office HOS Desert Stinger, Obedience Ring, Raptorial Buckle, Checkmate King

Tree Top Cluttered Shelves HOS Star Emerald, Imperial Thaler, Salt Water Amulet

Cloud City
Cloud Pier Potion Shop HOS Venus Hand-Trap, Hyena Eye, Executioner Cap

Cloud Pier Griffin Stall HOS Aristocrat’s Sign, Star of Romance, Sign of the Fallen, Dragon Horn

Commercial District Power Mill HOS Heaven Descendant, Angels’ Song, Blinding Disc

Commercial District Book-Lover’s Shop HOS Impeccable Society Symbol, Torture Whip, Avid Core

Craftsman District Blacksmith HOS Dream Melody, Feminine Purity, Whims of Fate, King Pawn

Craftsman District Gnome Kitchen HOS Impenetrable, Rune of Law, Thread of Lore

Dream Palace Stone Sarcophagus HOS Phoenix’s Feather, Night Mare, Bloody Revenge

Dream Palace Reconstruction Site HOS Sea Devil’s Tail, Watcher, Bark of Iggdrasil

Cloud City Prison Interrogation Room HOS Rare Bird’s Feather, Skin of Wild Boar, Galloon of Forgotten Legion

Cloud City Prison Guards’ Room HOS Seal of Ancient Evil, Cursed Badge, Pathfinder’s Compass

Rune Garden Mountain Heart HOS Poisonous Grip, Lava Drop, Writing Piece

Rune Garden Flying Boat HOS Squirrel Tail, Song of Griffwing, Burning Sun

Source Gates Rock Tree HOS Soldier Duty, Wind of Freedom, Mask of Death, Golden Lily

Source Gates Expedition Camp HOS Music Banner, Peace and Order, Thunderous Blow

Temple of Justice Hangman’s Pit HOS Stamp of Justice, Widow’s Shroud, Ariadne’s String

Criminals’ Den Slumbering Vampire HOS Vicious Circle, Spider’s Mark, Load of Envy, Rainbow Expectations

Criminals’ Den Mummy’s Sarcophagus HOS Presumption of Innocence, Strength Test, Glint of Greed, Smug Smirk

Torture Chamber Executioner’s Personal Chair HOS Heavy Sigh, Precise Calculation, Labyrinth of Doom, Farewell Wreath

Torture Chamber Poisons and Acids HOS Melody of Despair, Sleepless Captivity, Beastly Savagery, Saddest Flower

City Square Doll Showcase HOS Iridescent Chime, Aurochs’ Horn, Night Shadow, Battle Bishop

City Square Antique Shop HOS Golden Flower, Hunting Trophy, Light-Bringing Sign, Ringing Silver

Ancient Park Broken Statue HOS Breath of Life, Reconciliation Rod, Golden Storm

Ancient Park Overgrown Pond HOS Bronze Circle, Hunter’s Rune, Mental Wings, Blooming Love

Chapet Grand Altar HOS Boiling Power, Loner’s Charm, Sectary Sign

Chapet Confessional HOS Minotaur’s Horn, Unified Law, Ghostly Gem, Paradise Feather

City Cemetery Warden’s Hut HOS Early Leaves, Tower Key, Star Ribbon

City Cemetery Tomb HOS Law of Wisdom, Eight Winds, Snake Wicker

Kaley’s Fance Goods Fabric Counter HOS Sharpened Horn, Thirst for Profit, Bone Fin

Kaley’s Fance Goods Theater Cloakroom HOS Light of Asgard, Illuminating Device, Stinging Rune

Metro Station Train Cabin HOS Whirlpool Crystal, Desecrated Topaz, Smoke Tear

Metro Station Warden’s Office HOS Word of the Dead, Golden Thread, Unicorn Path

Far Metro Station Mine Cart HOS Lion’s Strength, Healing Prayer, Legend Elimination

Far Metro Station Passenger Car HOS Velvet Ale, Monstrous Claw, Venetian Sage, Opener of Doors

Residential District Fire Spring HOS Crossed Blades, Iron Horse, Snow Diamond, Fire Circle

Residential District Handwrought Cart HOS Finite Pentagram, Stone of Obedience, Deep Sea Crystal

Limb Entrance Statue Crack HOS Mighty Serpent, Nature Sounds, Protector of the Oppressed

Limb Entrance Root Faces HOS Misty Radiance, Dwarf Eye, Wolf Scowl

Underground Treasury Jewels Table HOS Black Diamond, Sea Bottom Shell, Rune of Cave Spirit, Drop of Thirst

Underground Grotto Unique Dishes HOS Furnace of War, Oversea Yarn, Wiseman’s Parchment

Dark Tower
Dark Tower Gates Statue in the Thicket HOS Royal Ring, Faded Soul, Eye of Darkness

Dark Tower Gates Sepulcher HOS Power Crown, Sunrise, Heart of Time

Guest Room Old Fireplace HOS Stranglehold, Silver Star, Wind Dance

Laboratory Medicine Cabinet HOS Master Flask, Celestial Wanderer, Dragon of Eternity

Port Overturned Boat HOS Ruby Bud, Mechanic’s Secret, Nightingale’s Whistle

Port Fishing Net HOS Silver Fish, Mechanical Bird, Sea Devil

Lighthouse Lighthouse Keeper’s Desk HOS Heart of the Mechanism, Mast Instruction, Eye Patch

Captain’s Bridge Pirate Loot HOS Gentleman of Fortune, Attentive Stare, Mark of a Victim

Cargo Hold Armory HOS Jolly Roger, Corkscrew, Northern Star

Gates to Atlantis Mermaid’s Junk HOS Flower Nectar, Touch of Greatness, Morning Dew

Gates to Atlantis War Elephant HOS Mars Model, Pinch of Vanity, Atlas’s Archfather

Watery Bridge Skeleton in Hanging Gardens HOS Atlas’s Archmother, Curled Shell, Golden Feathers

Watery Bridge Statue Ruins HOS Ambrosia, Earth Model, Ounce of Pride

Temple Entrance Poseidon Fountain HOS Pipe of Grief, Crystal of Centuries, Amber Fish

Temple Entrance Collapsed Wall HOS Unicorn Horn, Emerald Fish, Mysterious Scroll

Atlantean Temple Mosaic Birth of Atlantis HOS Sapphire Fish, Woven Fates, Wasteland Heather

Atlantean Temple Altar of a Thousand Candles HOS Creating Hand, Luminary of Truth, Sprout of Oblivion

Fairy Forest
Fairy Tale Forest Gingerbread House HOS Stubborn Mule, Wolfish Grin, Brewberry

Fairy Tale Forest Frog Pond HOS Canine Loyalty, Sea Queen, Pink Blush

Enchanted Creek White and Red Rose Bushes HOS Ringing Laugh, Fresh Wheat, Toxic Comb

Enchanted Creek Seven Dwarves HOS Suffocating Lace, Golden Spool, Midnight Call

Museum of Tales Fairy Treasure Coach HOS Poison Apple, Fantasy Keeper, Golden Spindle

Museum of Tales Arsenal HOS Legendary Dragon, Wonder Collector, Wonder of Transformation

Palace Square Camel Caravan HOS Mystery of the West, Victorious Yataghan, Generous Payment

Persian Bazaar Magic Shop HOS Secret of the East, Wind Flame, Power of Flight

Persian Bazaar Exotic Sweets HOS Scented Smoke, Warrior Medal, Glorious Greens

Persian Bazaar Musical Instruments HOS Means of Levitation, Hypnotic Whirlpool, Glaze of Centuries

Sultan’s Gallery Sultan’s Clothes HOS Green Grapes, Ancient Enamel, Feline Grace

Sultan’s Gallery Persian Fabrics HOS Predator Dexterity, Floating Comet, Strong Stem

Palace Balcony Peacocks HOS Balance of Powers, Nightingale Voice, Fragile Flower

Palace Balcony Reading Couch HOS Harmony of Elements, Canary Song, Lonely Galaxy

Serenity Garden Pond of Forgotten Reflections HOS Flowering Feelings, Winged Troublemaker, Deadly Bite

Serenity Garden Arbor of Thoughts HOS Fatal Attraction, Impervious Ink, Everlasting Spark

Hall of Creation Adora’s Manuscripts HOS Fierce Feather, Influence of Time, Dusk Light

Hall of Creation Tentacles Out HOS Eternal Fire, Tear of Regret, Highest Achievement

Magic Council Chamber Code of Unbreakable Rules HOS Farewell Letter, Promise to Meet, Careful Observation, Scraping Bow

World’s Edge Eagle’s Nest HOS Eastern Sun, Royal Vow, Heritage of Ancestors

World’s Edge Last Abode HOS Moon Fusion, Unintended Loss, New Horizon

Bone Kingdom
Bone Palace Skull Maw HOS Stone Epitaph, Luxurious Fading, Royal Crystal

Ballroom Ancestral Portraits HOS Bone Scepter, Priceless Grief, Pendulum of Eternity

Ballroom Stained Glass Shards HOS Golden Orb, Burden of Proof, Scary Grimace

Ruined Gallery Stone Dogs HOS Mutual Promises, Invincible Turret, Secret of Durability

Hall of Souls Tapestries and Flags HOS Golden Fletch, Reliable Helper, Amber Bowl

Hall of Souls Stone Head HOS Flight Over Abyss, Rune of Sky, Punishing Club

King’s Crypt Pile of Skulls HOS Rune of Land, Condemned Criminal, Emerald Bowl

King’s Crypt Submerged Treasure HOS Rune of Life, Executioner, Striking Mace

Ghost Grotto Sunken Tomb HOS Blind Man’s Eye, Paths of the Dead, Secret Scroll

Ghost Grotto Stage of the Fallen HOS Predator’s Fang, Choke Point, Northern Thistle

Ghost Town Ruined Gates HOS Arrow to Nowhere, Ancient Feather, Reckless Bravery

Ghost Town Rotten Scarecrow HOS Illusion of Reality, Righteous Path, Fading Away

Ghost Town Square Pumpkins HOS Maze of Madness, Virtuous Union, Spirit of Time

Ghost Town Square Attic HOS Horned Helmet, Legacy from the Past, Cold Calculation

Creepy Stree Imprisoned Vampire HOS Graphic Spike, Sky Spark, Carved Handle

Creepy Stree Merchant’s Skeleton HOS Anthracitic Spike, Death Branch, Desperate Fate

Cursed House Demons’ Feast HOS Dragon Face, Pearl Sign, Crossed Bones

Cursed House Reading Nook HOS Azure Sign, Blossom of Life, Shining Prism

Grim Cellar Magic Circle HOS Fearful Reflection, Broken Heart, Imp Wing

Grim Cellar Warlock’s Table HOS Painful Reflection, Hard Target, Shining Sphere

Northern Islands
Island Shore Drakkar HOS Two-Headed Dragon, Nordic Pentagram

Island Shore Viking Cart HOS Skyfire Symbol, Symbol of Eternal Flame, Wisdom of the North

Valley of Fallen Giants Plate Helmet HOS Tribal Seal, Star Necklace

Valley of Fallen Giants Eagle’s Aerie HOS Star Route Symbol, Mystic Circle, Meteorite Ring

Sacred Grove Stone Garden HOS Terror of the North, Nordic Triangle, Crushing Cold

Sacred Grove Druid’s Hut HOS Fire Arrow, Konung’s Helmet

Frosty Fort Lake in Ice HOS Sharp Snowflake, Ice Arrow

Frosty Fort Tower of Dreams HOS Sleeping Maiden’s Flower

Fort Dungeon Bronze Blacksmith HOS Raven’s Fate, Black Sun

Fort Dungeon Mermaid Queen HOS Skull Crasher, Giant’s Ring

Jousting Field Food Stall HOS Killer’s Fang, Fire Horse, Midnight Butterfly

Jousting Field Tower Top HOS Collar of Shame, Ice Horse, Winter Flowers

Ice Hall Map of Islands HOS Infinity Ring, Protection Sigil

Ice Hall Dragon Skeleton HOS Sea Pony, Polar Owl, Rune Tree Leaf

Ruler’s Study Ruler’s Desk HOS Ouroboros, Wine Token, Spiral Candle

Ruler’s Study Smoldering Fireplace HOS Beer Token, Reliable Cover, Swan’s Fate

Titan Town
Titan Town Gates Fallen Warrior HOS Wave Symbol

Titan Town Gates Carriage with Relics HOS Sea Horse, Indidious Orchid

Square of Titans Ghostly Stables HOS Poisonous Eye, Melodic Bell, Elfish Coin

Square of Titans Window with Roses HOS Tiny Birdy, Snow Emblem

Ancient Garden Bench of Relaxation HOS Intricate Crown, Knight’s Rose, Chimera Bone

Ancient Garden Golden Apples HOS Emerald Nut, Harmonious Bell, Many-Sided Coin

Forest of Shadows Underbridge HOS Triangular Coin

Forest of Shadows Wolf’s Hollow HOS Fleur-de-Lis, Basilisk Meat

Forest’s Edge Hut’s Leg HOS Ice Tear

Forest’s Edge Dog House HOS Ifrit’s Death Rattle

Hut on Legs Potion Table HOS Frost Pattern

Hut on Legs Cat Playing Chess HOS Salamander’s Seal

Town of Shadows Wine Cellar HOS Crystal Swan, Dawn Crystal, Bird Mail Amulet

Town of Shadows Elven Women HOS Sorcerer’s Moon, Secret Mark, Cube of Bright Dreams

Old Tavern Bear Sculpture HOS Twisted Horn, Beast’s Ring, Swift Adder

Old Tavern Table with Treats HOS Dusk Crystal, Wriggly Adder

Town Street Stargazer Tower HOS Gazing Eye, Queen Cobra

Town Street Weapon Store HOS Golden Claw, Embroidered Blood Moon

Grim Mansion Annex HOS Horn Mail Amulet, Key of Stolen Hopes

Grim Mansion Ivy Gazebo HOS Embroidered Wolf

Hall of Suffering Fallen Chandelier HOS in Hall of Suffering Memory Candle

Hall of Suffering Ghostly Feast HOS Crossed Swords, Forgotten Candle

Ancient Cemetery Chapel HOS Renegade’s Coat of Arms

Ancient Cemetery Silent Banshee HOS Swallow Couple