A Hidden Object Scene (HOS) is a large graphic window with a list of objects to find. After you find and tap on all objects, you receive several rewards. With hundreds of HOS throughout the game, your primary activity involves completing as many of these scenes as possible.

HOS Cool-Down Period

When you first open a hidden object scene, you can replay it without a wait period. Tap it and the cost to open it is either free or payable by diamonds.

When a HOS is cooling down/refreshing , you must wait for up to an hour before you can open it again. As your speed increases, the wait time increases.

HOS Example HOS Mode HOS Timer Pause Timer Information Crystal Ball Wand Lightning Flash Objects to Collect Hint Button

You can earn different levels of coin rewards for each HOS. As you increase your speed, the number of hidden objects increases and you earn 10 to 50 coins. You’ll earn one airship item, an occasional bag of pet food, and one of the following:

  • HOS item (for example, a torch from the Crypt HOS)
  • 15 extra coins
  • 1 shard

HOS Modes

After you open a new HOS and have played it numerous times, your speed will increase. As you advance, 3 different ‘modes’ unlock, sequentially. Modes change the appearance and method by which you find objects in the scene:

Disable Night Mode
  1. Silhouette mode — the text list of objects is replaced with shadow outlines of the objects.
  2. Mirror mode — the scene is presented in reverse layout, as if viewing in a mirror.
  3. Night mode — the scene is blackened and you find objects by moving a small spotlight around the scene. You can disable this difficult mode in the game settings: close the HOS and tap the gear icon in the upper right side of the main game screen. Tap Additional Settings, then check the box for Disable Night Mode.

HOS Timer

You can use the timer to pace yourself and increase your speed. When you finish the HOS, a list of friends with their results gives you time comparisons.

HOS Pause Button

If you need to take a break while completing a HOS, you can pause the timer with this button. It’s also useful if you’re trying to quickly increase your speed in a new HOS. Just press pause and study the list of objects before proceeding.

HOS Info Button

To determine what rewards are available from a HOS, press the information icon. For example, in the Crypt HOS, when you press the button, you’ll see that possible rewards include the Torch, Murderer’s Eye, Eight-Pointed Star, and Harpy’s Feather.

HOS Crystal Ball

Reveals all objects currently listed. This is useful if you have already used the Hint button and still need help. The number tells you how many crystal balls you have in your inventory.

HOS Wand

Removes whatever objects are currently listed. To remove all objects, you’ll have to press it several times. The number tells you how many wands you have in your inventory.

HOS Lightning Flash

When you open a HOS in one of the 3 modes, the lightning flash tool is available. You can return the HOS to normal mode by tapping this button. The number indicates how many you have in inventory.

Objects to Collect

As you find and tap on these objects, the list refreshes and adds more to the list. The number in the center tallies the objects you have yet to find. When you first open a HOS, there are 6 objects to find. As you progress, you will reach a maximum of 22 objects, with a corresponding increase in coins rewarded.

HOS Hint Button

Need help finding an object? Press the hint globe. A random object is highlighted, making it easier to find. Try to wait until you’re looking for the last object before you press it. It takes a few minutes to refresh before you can use it again!


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