You’ll always find the need for coins as the opening costs for locations, hidden object scenes, and zoom zones increase as you progress. There are several methods and habits you can form to earn more coins.

Craft for Profit

A number of crafted items cost less to craft than what they are worth to sell. You can craft and sell these profitable crafts. Watch for these crafts to come up in quests and make them several times to sell for a profit before proceeding with quests. Or you can obtain the required items by other means.

Obtain Items Required

You most likely will not obtain the required items for a craft by using the Find button. You could pay with diamonds, which can be obtained in these ways:

  • Open the Bank and watch a video ad, or
  • Play Puzzles to earn 5 diamonds each, or
  • Purchase diamonds from the Bank.

Alternatively, you can obtain the required items by putting them on your wish list or playing puzzles for them.

Sell Crafts from Your Inventory

Once you craft a profitable item, find it in your inventory and sell it for coins. You can also look to see if you have any of the profitable crafts already in your inventory and sell them. You may have gained them from the spinning wheel and didn’t realize there’s no need to hang onto them.

A word of caution about keeping crafted items in your inventory: a few years ago, there was a popular crafted item that we could sell for a profit. In an update, the value of the item was drastically changed. Players who had saved them to sell later on lost out. As a result, I would advise selling any crafted items you’re planning to sell and not wait until a possible change in value.

Sell Pet Eggs

Pet eggs vary greatly in value, from 20 to 5,000 coins. You can earn a few from achievements and win many from the Fortune Wheel. You can also try to win them in Puzzles, or put them on your wish list to receive as a gift. To sell them, go to the egg tab of your inventory. If it’s an event pet egg, they’ll be in your event tab.

The most valuable eggs are the squirrel, phoenix, and panda, which sell for 5,000 coins each. There are many other eggs worth 2,000-3,000. For all eggs, see our reference topic, Egg Values & Use.

Pack Airship Crates

Another way to gain coins is to pack crates in the Airship Tower. Many players don’t realize that for each crate you pack, a coin amount rises to your total for each crate. This can vary anywhere from 200 to 475 coins per crate. Next time you send the airship, pay attention and you’ll see those numbers added to your coins!

Coins Paid from Crate

Play All Available HOS

Although it takes more time and effort, you can earn up to 50 coins per HOS (hidden object scene) that you play. If you’re currently doing quests, you can wait until you cannot proceed further, then play all the other HOS that are available.

Play Event Private Room HOS

During an event, the related private room has a HOS your can play for up to 250 coins! You can play the HOS in your private room, then open each of your friends’ private rooms to play it again. Your friend must have the correct room open, but if you have a lot of friends, you’ll have many rooms to open.

You can play each private room HOS — whether your room or a friend’s room — once every 24-hour game day. If you want to rack up a lot of coins this way, pay attention to the event updates. The following dates are based on previous events:

  • Fall Event: 10/12/15, 10/19/16, 10/16/17, 10/25/18, 10/19/19, 11/2/20

  • Winter Event: 12/8/14, 12/2/15, 12/14/16, 12/6/17, 12/14/18, 12/5/19, 12/14/20

  • Spring Event: 4/20/15, 4/12/16, 4/6/17, 3/23/18, 4/11/19, 4/1/20, 3/26/21