If you’re unfamiliar or new to the Midnight Castle game, this is a good place to start! Although classified as a hidden object mystery, the game is also an interactive adventure into different lands. Extras include quests, puzzles, prizes, and exciting events. You can also obtain amazing pets and feed them to gain valuable rewards.

The game was created by Elephant Games in 2014 for Microsoft® Windows computers. They quickly added versions that can be played on iOS (iPad/iPhone) and Android (Kindle Fire/Google Play) devices.

The game weaves its magic with a fascinating story of fantasy characters that include dragons, dwarves, trolls, elves, vampires, werewolves, fairies, witches, and a professor. There’s a mystery surrounding the castle and its hidden rooms. As you progress through levels, you’ll venture into other locations, including a dark tower, Elvyn forest, cloud city, fairytale, and many other lands.

Journey begins

Want to join the fun? The game is free and available for Microsoft Windows PC, Android/Kindle or iOS (iPad/iPhone/iPod) devices. See the Midnight Castle download page.

There are 4 yearly events that add even more excitement to the game. The appearance and theme of the game is changed with each one, adding unique rooms and collectible flying characters.

Seasonal updates include:

  • Fall event with pumpkins, ghosts and Thanksgiving elements
  • Winter event with snowflakes, ornaments, and Christmas elements
  • Spring event with eggs, bunnies and other Easter elements
  • Summer Anniversary (one-time) event with costumed quest characters and special celebration