Normally, when you play hidden object scenes (HOS), you receive the items required for the current quest. However, when you play HOS outside of quests, you receive a mixture of items. This occurs when you’ve completed all quests as far as you can go, then play the remaining available HOS. It also occurs when you have not accepted any quests and there are none listed under Professor Pinfeathers.

If you have questions about how to obtain certain inventory items, this chart can help. During a test of 78 HOS with no open quests, I received the following items. The percentages indicate how often you would receive an item. The last row indicates approximately how many HOS you need to complete before receiving the item. The HOS reward refers to an item such as the torch from the crypt HOS.

Note: You use the pink Gift Box during the Christmas event to give a gift to a friend; you receive a Santa’s Medallion in return.