As of spring 2021, there are 91 different pets available! They include pets you can craft every day and pets from events and achievements. In addition, 4 very rewarding exclusive pets become available at level 69.

Obtaining Pets

There are many different methods for obtaining pets!  New players commonly ask how to ‘hatch’ an egg. Eggs are not hatched; they are used in the craft lab to create a pet. Methods for obtaining pets can be straight-forward or a little more complicated:

Note: pets from achievements are not obviously available since they’re usually the last trophy reward. You can find this information in our achievements list or pet list page.

For more information on obtaining pets, see any of these related topics:

Feeding & Chest Rewards

When you use/feed a pet, it rewards you with a chest of quest items, diamonds, pet medallions, and/or significant amounts of coin. The two most rewarding chests are the gold and exclusive crystal blue chests. In general, event, achievement and exclusive pets are the most rewarding.

>To select & feed your pet:

  1. Make sure you have enough bags of food. Numbers indicate how many bags you have/need.
  2. If desired, switch to a different pet.
    • Open your inventory and the Pet tab.
    • Try to select the most rewarding pet you have.
    • Click on a pet and tap the set button; the inventory closes.
  3. Tap your pet and a chest will magically appear. To open the chest, tap on it.
  4. Before you can feed the pet again, you must wait while it sleeps. Be careful not to hit the pink plus sign to ‘wake’ it and spend valuable diamonds! Some players switch to a different pet to prevent this from accidentally happening.

Chest Rewards

Pets reward you with chests that range in value, with wood being the least and gold or crystal blue being the most rewarding. Available at level 68 or higher, crystal blue chests primarily give airship items.

Pet Chests

The contents of chests depend on the type of chest you receive and whether or not you are currently doing general quests. When you’re questing for Professor Pinfeathers, your pets will give you items for the quest. When not questing, items are not included. These are the typical contents for different types of chests:

                                   During Quests                 Non-Quests

Chest Type Max # of Items Max Value/Item Max # of Items # of Coins/Stack
Wood 1 15 coins 3 50
iron 2 30 coins 4 100
Silver 3 50 coins 5 200
Gold 4 100 coins 6 400
Crystal Blue 5 N/A 6 200

In your inventory, you can view the different types of chests each pet will give. Not all pets offer all chest types, but they have percentage odds for obtaining each chest they offer. The odds for all chests from a pet add up to 100%.

>To see the percentage chance of obtaining a chest:

  1. Open your inventory and the Pet tab.
  2. Select a pet to view details.
  3. Press and hold any chest. A popup % number will display. This is the chance you have of getting that chest. 
View Pet Chest Percentages

Why You Need to Know Chest Percentages

  1. Once you become familiar with the pets you have and which ones give gold chests versus the amount of food they use, you can prevent wasting food on pets that do not reward as well or use up too much food.
  2. Crafting or achieving pets can cost a lot in time and resources, so make smart decisions when  selecting the ones you want. It should be based on the level of rewards you’ll receive; ie., the best chance of getting gold. Unless, of course, you like to collect them all just for the fun of it!  😛 

Pet Eggs

Most of the pets that you can craft in the lab require one or more pet eggs. Some eggs are named after and specific to a particular pet while others are used for multiple pets. For example, to craft several Spring event pets, you need ‘generic’ colored eggs. The White Bunny requires 20 blue eggs while the Garden Bunny requires 5. The Flirty Hippo, however, specifically requires a Flirty Hippo egg.

Once you’ve crafted a pet that requires a specific egg, you no longer need the egg. Some Facebook players have contests and give them away as gifts. Or you can sell them in your inventory since they are often worth thousands of coins.

The 3 most valuable eggs are worth 5,000 coins each:

  • Squirrel egg
  • Panda egg
  • Phoenix egg

For more information on all eggs, see Egg Values & Use

Obtaining Eggs

The majority of eggs that are specific to a pet come from the Fortune Wheel, which offers at least one every day, During events, it also offers event pet eggs. If you spin the wheel every day, you’ll eventually have several. If you’re looking for a particular egg, you can also add it to your wish list.

Two eggs in particular have no known use: the Odd Egg and Snow Griffin Egg. The Snow Griffin pet is free at level 7, so it is not crafted. The Odd Egg, however, is the subject of much debate. Some players say to hang onto it ‘just in case’ you ever need it, assuming that it must have a purpose.

I’ve always believed the Odd Egg was leftover by mistake by the developers. Or maybe they decided that there should be at least one everyday pet that required no egg. An old ad for an egg draw by BFG pictured the Winged Cat hatching an egg along with several other pets on their eggs. However, no egg is required to craft the cat. Even more convincing is the description that pops up when you click on the egg, stating that it will ‘never be used.’

Pet Tells & Locations

Many players believe that by feeding your pet at the exact moment it makes a certain movement, it will increase your chance of obtaining a gold chest. Some also believe that it matters what location in which you feed your pet. In the past, I’ve documented many pet tells and had varying results in using them. I no longer believe they are valid. Let me explain by giving a bit of game history.

For about the first 3 years of game play, we had no idea which pets brought gold chests or why. Many kept track of the gold chests they received and spread the word about how to get them. They coined the term ‘tells’ to indicate the magical movement in which you should feed the pet. They were all theories, mostly based on the desire to figure out how to make it happen.

Then the developers shared the percentage odds for getting different chests. They integrated the details into popup info viewable directly in the game. I imagine it was their answer to all the questions and theories posed by players about gold chests!

The game calculates the odds based on the developers’ code — a clear, undeniable game function. Why assume theories and conjectures for the game’s behavior when it’s given to us in such detail? For that reason, the information on this site will not include any pet tells or location suggestions. Instead, you will find clear information based on the percentage odds for chests, comparing pets by each chest type, type of food, and cost to craft.