Available at level 11, puzzles provide a rewarding side activity! As of November 1, 2020, there are a total of 50 puzzles you can play! You can access them from the hidden menu on the right.

Collect Puzzle Pieces

Before you can assemble a jigsaw puzzle, you must first select one from the many locked puzzles. You then gather all the pieces before you can proceed further. Hidden object scenes are your primary source for puzzle pieces. While you collect pieces, you cannot unlock any other puzzle.

As you play hidden object scenes, you’ll occasionally receive a puzzle piece. Many pieces will be duplicates that you don’t need. Wherever you see a number on a piece, you have duplicates. In this example, I have 1 extra piece in two places plus 1 missing piece.

Disenchant Puzzle Pieces

It’s a good practice to periodically open your puzzle and check for extra pieces. You can put the extra puzzle pieces to good use by converting (disenchanting) them into Sparkles. Sparkles are a type of currency you use to purchase more puzzle pieces. 

To convert your extra puzzle pieces to Sparkles, press the Disenchant All button.

Purchase Puzzle Packs

The next logical step is to purchase more puzzle pieces, however, carefully consider the right timing:

  • If this is a new puzzle with many missing pieces, purchase a puzzle pack.
  • If there are still many missing pieces, keep disenchanting extra pieces and purchase a puzzle pack.
  • If there are 6 or less missing pieces, do not purchase a puzzle pack. The chances of getting the last remaining pieces from puzzle packs is very slim. If you continue to purchase puzzle packs, you’ll waste your Sparkles. Continue doing hidden object scenes until you have the remaining pieces.

Purchased pieces come in sets (packs) of 3, 5, or 10 pieces. Be conservative in purchasing packs because the exchange rate is not even: 3 pieces for 9 Sparkles; 5 pieces for 12 Sparkles; or 10 pieces for 24 Sparkles. You can also use Diamonds to purchase puzzle packs, but I don’t advise it. 

To purchase puzzle packs, press the pack picture at the top right:

In the window that opens, you can use the arrows to move between the three different packs: 3, 5, or 10-piece sets. To buy a set with Sparkles, press the green button. To pay with diamonds, press the pink button.  

After you purchase a pack, press the Open button.  

The pieces reveal themselves. You can close the window at this point. Any piece that fits your puzzle will fall into place. Any duplicates will also show up. You can repeat this process to continue filling in the missing pieces.

Put a Puzzle Together

Once you have all the pieces to a puzzle, you can move on to the next step: assembling the puzzle from a mixed up pile. Select a puzzle and press the Play button.

In the next window, you can select 3 items you’d like to win. You’re limited to one of each type of stamp, egg, or airship item, and any number of hidden object scene or zoom zone items. Crafted items and pet food are not available. All zoom zone items are available, so you may find the Zoom Zone Values topic helpful in deciding your picks.

If you select and win an egg of value, you can sell it for coins. The panda, squirrel, and phoenix eggs are each worth 5000 coins. You’ll notice that 50 coins and 5 diamonds are already chosen for you. At the very least, you’ll earn 50 coins for doing the puzzle. After you select 3 items, press Next. 

In the next window, the puzzle pieces are scrambled and ready for you to assemble. I suggest forming the border first, then filling in the remaining picture. If you get stuck, press the Help button and a suggested move is revealed. If you need to start over, press the Reset button.

After you finish putting the puzzle together, the pieces fall away to reveal the finished picture. To continue, tap anywhere on the picture.

In the next window, a check mark indicates that you’ve already earned 50 coins. The next item you can win is held by a young boy. In this case, the next item is 5 diamonds.

To continue, press the Play button. The boy briefly shows you which hand he has your prize in, then passes it back and forth. Once he stops, guess which hand holds the item by tapping it. If you guess right, you earn the item. Press Play again to try for the next item.

If you guess wrong, you receive another chance to guess correctly. If you continue to guess correctly, you can win each item. If you guess wrong and have already won items, it’s a good idea to press the Get button and quit. Otherwise, if you guess wrong on your next try, you lose everything but the 50 coins. Alternatively, you can pay diamonds to continue.

Here’s my personal method for improving the chance to win items. I pay special attention to which hand the boy first holds the item in. I write it down: L for left, R for right. I usually pick the same hand for my guess. Whichever hand it ends up in, I write that down too. I follow the pattern and guess accordingly. 

For instance, let’s say the boy starts and ends with the item in his left hand. If he starts with the left hand for the 2nd item, I pick the left hand for my guess. If it ends up being in his right hand, I know that he’s alternating left to right. Just keep in mind that the pattern is programmed into the game. If you can pick it out on the first puzzle, you’ll have better luck when you play another puzzle.

You have a 50% chance of picking the correct hand: either it’s the same hand or the opposite hand. For instance, you’re recording a pattern of same or opposite that might look like this: L-L (same), L-R (opposite), L-L (same). So, in that case, the pattern is same, opposite, same. I’ve noticed that more often, it’s a pattern of 3, then a switch, for instance: same, same, same, then opposite; or opposite, opposite, opposite, then same.

If you have a method that works for you, please comment and share it with others! Enjoy the puzzle fun and good luck!!