When the Castle suddenly looks very different, you’ve probably reached a level that triggered a big change or new features. Don’t panic – there’s nothing wrong with your game! You don’t want to miss the exclusive pets at level 69, so read on!

Level 13

Trina’s quests become available to earn keys for unlocking private rooms. In particular, you need to unlock these rooms for special events. They contain  hidden object scenes that pay 5 times the normal amount of coins and offer items required to craft rewarding event pets.


Level 27

Elfish Bas-Relief HOS replaces Fairy Sculpture HOS in castle entry.

Level 28

Mirror Nave HOS replaces Mirrors HOS in throne room.

Elf spies who serve the great Oberon place green vines and mushrooms in the castle vicinity, gates, and underground grotto. Try tapping an elf lurking in the vines and see what he has to say!

Level 29

Zoom zones and hidden object scenes are modified:

  • Three Dragons ZZ replaces Three Prisoners ZZ in dungeon of the cursed.
  • Bird Cage ZZ replaces Prison Cell ZZ in castle gates.
  • Summer Garden HOS replaces Winter Garden HOS in ice rock.
  • Castle Armory HOS replaces Battle Pit HOS in dungeon of the cursed.
  • Door Cache ZZ replaces Dead Ambassador ZZ in throne room.

Level 51



The castle and many HOS are under siege by large, ugly black vines. Hidden objects in unique dishes and train cabin are especially difficult to find. The vines finally go away at level 56.


Level 61

Lord Chamberlain and the Gnome King transform from quest characters to zoom zone statues.

Level 69

When you open the Ghostly Chest ZZ in the Dark Tower Portal, blue Destiny Key quests become available. Four wonderful, exclusive pets are hidden in this zoom zone! Progress no further with Pinfeather’s quests until you read and understand what to do next! For details, see Destiny Keys & Exclusive Pets.

Level 76

Your favorite quest characters are in for a makeover! Welcome to a fantasy period with Snow White, Merlin, Red Riding Hood, Big Bad Wolf, and characters from the Wizard of Oz!

Level 83

Throne Hall on fire


The castle’s on fire! The Ghostly Messenger wreaks havoc in every location, causing the floors to crumple into soot and ash.

Look for some new interactive features — they’re fun to find!