When you tap on an image in any scene and a small window opens, you’ve probably opened a zoom zone. You must have the item(s) required, then drag it into the picture. If you don’t have the item, use the Find button to go to a HOS to obtain it. 

The example below is the Burnt Tree ZZ from the Castle Vicinity. There are usually 3 ZZs in every location of the game. A few of them change as you progress. For instance, the Prisoner’s Cage in the Castle Entry becomes the Bird Cage with a bird instead of a skeleton.

Burnt Tree Zoom Zone
Burnt Tree Zoom Zone

Information Button

Info ButtonWhen you tap the letter “i” it shows all possible rewards from completing the zoom zone.


Item Required

The first number indicates how many you have in inventory. The second number indicates how many are required. In this example, you have none in inventory and 1 is required. If you tap on the item, its name and description pop up.

Pay with Diamonds

You have the option of spending diamonds instead of finding the object required. It’s tempting, but I recommend you save your diamonds for more desperate situations.

Find Button

When you press this button, the game takes you to the location where you can obtain the item (usually a HOS). The found location is highlighted with swirling light, so you know what to select.